I realized early on that I enjoyed photographing couples and weddings more than anything else… But it wasn’t until I photographed my first adventure elopement that I realized what I had been missing out on! THERE ARE NO RULES! Instead, you have endless options to having whatever sort of elopement experience you’d like. Be that a Mount Rainier summit, kayaking across an alpine lake, taking a multi-day backpacking trip, or choosing a simple elopement location so that your pup can join!

Your day is just as important as someone having a traditional wedding. So who cares what people think an elopement is “supposed to look like.” This is your chance to dream up something that feels authentic to the both of you as a couple. And if adventure runs thick in your blood, then there’s a good chance that I’m the girl for you.

more about jessi

  • I have a slight obsession with s'mores... and chocolate chip cookies... and macarons.. and doughnuts...

  • Bad Lip Readings. Need I say more?

  • F•R•I•E•N•D•S is my favorite TV show

  • Give me all the tacos

  • I used to be in the US Navy

  • I hated coffee until I moved to Seattle

  • I love love love roller coasters

  • I'm a newlywed, myself :) 5-6-17 <3

  • I have a beautiful Siberian Husky. His name is.... Echo