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Vince & Tracy // Mt. Baker Engagement

Why I've waited this long to share this AH-MAZ-ING engagement? I have no excuse. When Vince & Tracy first mentioned their idea of heading to Mt. Baker for their engagement session, I was all about it. When they suggested turning it into an overnight adventure, you couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face. 

Here's a little insight into Vince & Tracy's story, as told by Tracy <3

"Vince and I met five years ago while we were graduate students in Austin. It didn’t take us long to learn how much we had in common, and our relationship quickly grew out of our love for adventure, travel, and the great outdoors. Our weekends were filled with live music, Texas BBQ, and lots of laughs with many of our close friends. 

After Vince graduated, he moved to Switzerland for work. The day he left Austin was one of the saddest days of our lives. Despite the distance, we made the best of the situation. We traveled all over Europe together whenever we could take vacation and made it a priority to be together over the holidays. Many frequent flyer miles later, we moved to Seattle!

Vince proposed while we were on vacation in Hawaii. We were exploring Volcanoes National Park and had trekked through rainforests and down to the caldera of Mount Kilauea. I was obliviously snapping photos of flowers along the trail when Vince wandered out onto the caldera floor and beckoned me to join him. Although I was hesitant about setting foot on the hardened lava, I slowly followed. I was about to tell Vince that I thought we should go back – but luckily I didn’t – because at that moment Vince got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said yes! It was perfect – there was nobody in sight and we enjoyed our first few moments as a newly-engaged couple all by ourselves in the middle of a volcano! 

Vince and I love to hike with our dog, Sandy! From the get-go, we knew that we wanted to take our engagement photos in the mountains of Washington with our pup by our side. On a clear summer afternoon, with full packs and garment bags in tow, we hiked from Artist Point to a campsite by Hayes Lake, and then continued to Hermann’s Saddle, where we were met with breathtaking views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. The night couldn’t have been planned more perfectly! We took pictures under a beautiful sunset and witnessed a full moon rise over the painted sky. Once the sun went down, our headlamps guided us back to our campsite and we slept under the stars that night."

(A special thanks to Tara Pattengale-Blunk & Stephen Blunk who tagged along (from VIRGINIA) for the adventure and contributed some amazing images!)