rattlesnake lake

Tommy & Kaylene // Rattlesnake Ledge

Tommy & Kaylene hold a special place near and dear to my heart.  I had the privilege of photographing their wedding back in 2014 when I was still fairly new in the wedding industry, and I love that we've kept in touch ever since!  

About two years prior to their wedding, when Kaylene was a junior at Central Washington University, she lived in Australia for a few months to complete an internship which provided credits towards her Recreation and Tourism Management degree. She completely fell in love with the area; the atmosphere, the beaches, the new friends, and how completely easy it was to jump on public transport and travel.  She also started attending Hillsong Church while there, whose atmosphere and passion got her on fire! She knew she had to go back.

The following summer, she and Tommy frequently discussed their mutual desire to travel to Australia, as it was one place he had always wanted to travel to. As they started to become more than friends, they continued to dream about it. Tommy had a desire to apply to Hillsong College- a Leadership College that was created out of the Church that Kaylene had attended while there.
Dreams started becoming a reality as they were engaged and married in 2014! But as newlyweds, they were focused on getting some general savings under their belts and to start paying off their student loan debt. After Tommy graduated with his BA in Philosophy with a specialization in Western Religion in June of 2015, they then had the freedom to pick up more work and start saving directly for Australia. Tommy applied to Hillsong College in March 2016 (the very day the application became available), and was recently accepted to a three year program where he will be studying Worship Leadership! Kaylene will obviously be traveling with him, and hopes to get involved with Adaptive Sports and encouraging disabled people to stay active in sports. 
Kaylene said they often find themselves stopping dead in their tracks to look at each other and exclaim, "We're going to Australia!" They've even been talking about doing some sort of Video blog during their travels (which I can't wait to see!).

TOMMY & KAYLENE:  I remember talking with you about your love for Australia during your engagement session over two years ago!  I am so incredibly happy for you, and proud that you're both following your dreams!  I can't even imagine how exciting this is for you, and am really looking forward to keeping in touch and following your video blog!!!