Jeremy & Jenna // A Virginia Wedding

I remember very specifically that on this particular day, the chance of rain was 100%.  All the days leading up to Jeremy & Jenna's wedding called for nonstop, torrential downpour.  If you live in Virginia, or have ever been, you might understand how much of a probability that really is.  But as their special day finally arrived, there wasn't a rain cloud in sight.  Ok, maybe it was in sight, but it never actually rained, or even sprinkled, while I was there!  It was perfectly cloudy day, with an abundance of beautiful light :)  Oh, so perfect!

Getting to know Jeremy & Jenna has been the sweetest thing.  They are both so humble, caring, and absolutely head over heels for each other. I'm so grateful to have been the one to photograph such an important day for them, and am SO excited to finally share some of their wedding images here!

Without further adieu, Mr. & Mrs. Vogt...